Want the right birth for you?

Let me help you feel ready.

Are you feeling anxious or even scared about birth?

Are you worried about transitioning from your work environment where you know what you're doing to a whole new world where everything feels uncertain and out of your control?

Or perhaps you already have had a baby and want it to be different this time around?

I want to reassure you that you DO have the inner resources that you need:

  • You are willing to learn,
  • You persevere when something's important to you,
  • You've got through new, uncertain situations before,
  • You work for what you want,
  • You have been strong and brave in the past.

I can support you to work with your body and nervous system to make the transition to motherhood positive and empowering.

Are you ready to experience the mind-body connection and maximise its benefits during labour? Imagine this... You are in labour and deeply focused: looking into your birth partner's eyes, breathing slowly and channeling the intense energy of the contractions into making every single one count. This is the greatest physical challenge you've faced and yet you feel calm, knowing your body works best when your partner makes you feel safe (your partner putting into practice all the things you've learnt together on the course): right there with you for every surge and reminding you to move however feels good!

I offer a practice-based online course for those wanting to put theory and information into action through yoga, dance, mindfulness and hypnobirthing for under £40.

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You have two options:

1. Sign up for a group course for about £300 elsewhere

2. Join this online course for under £40.

Why is it so much cheaper?

I know that if you practice you can get the same benefits of a

4-session expensive course because the concepts are simple.

Will it still work?


With nearly 6 hours of videos and 3 hours of audio tracks, you have all the information you need to have the birth that's right for you. Practice is the key.

You won't be in a group with other couples face-to-face, but you will join our community of like-minded expectant mums through the closed Facebook group and can ask me questions about the course there or email me directly.

You can access the material at a time that suits you, around your other commitments.

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Online course

This practical course offers you a way to prepare body and mind for the birth journey ahead.

Through yoga, dance, relaxation (hypno-birthing & yoga nidra), breathing techniques and mindfulness you will embodying the concepts explained in the antenatal education videos.

This course focuses on putting information into context, exploring how you can utilise your techniques and practices in different labour and pre-labour scenarios.

With 5 movement videos, 4 relaxation tracks (with 3 bonus ones for breech babies, twins & the postnatal time), 5 breathing techniques and 3 short mindfulness tracks, you will have plenty of practices to support you.

And that is the key word: PRACTICE! By regularly using the videos and audios you will condition your body and mind to react positively to labour.

Includes specific resources for coping during the Covid-19 crisis.

I've had almost 1000 women through my face-to-face Pregnancy classes and I'm excited to share my knowledge with you for less than £40.

Tessa x

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Who am I?

I have been teaching Pregnancy Yoga for 15 years after training with the British Wheel of Yoga.

Until my second daughter arrived, I was an academic researcher in Medical Sociology and completed my PhD at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

I sit on the Maternity Voices Forum at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, representing pregnant and postnatal women.

I'm also an author of Pearls of Birth Wisdom and you can see my other books and articles here.

I'm very lucky to have two beautiful daughters.

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Virtual pregnancy yoga classes

Pre-recorded yoga sessions are great to fit into your schedule, but nothing beats a live class where you can interact with the teacher and other expectant mums. PRegnancy yoga is a great way to stay active and healthy when you're expecting, but I also weave in antenatal education to help you prepare for the upcoming birth. Via Zoom on Thursdays 6.30pm and Saturdays 10am. Click link below for more details.

You can see my style of Pregnancy Yoga on my channel Yoga with Tessa, where there's sequences of different lengths.

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My book!

Stories and insights for your pregnancy journey. A range of different births so that you can learn from experience, even if this is your first baby! I share the most essential techniques from my classes.

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