Hi! I'm Tessa

I am a mum of two girls; one born at hospital and one at home. I have been teaching Pregnancy Yoga for 15 years and it remains my favourite class because it is such a transformational time.

I have a PhD in Medical Sociology and have always been interesting in understanding what supports people's well-being. I also sit on the Maternity Voices committee at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, keeping up-to-date on maternity policies.

I believe that pregnant women benefit from exploring what options they have for birthing their baby and then making up their own minds about what suits them (and their partner!).

Over the years I have done many different kinds of training that have added to my antenatal knowledge, including 'Dancing for Birth' certification. I have an MSc in Exercise, Nutrition and Public Health from the University of Bristol (2006), for which I did my thesis on exercise levels in pregnant women (Distinction) published as an article in MIDIRS journal.

I love writing and have contributed to a number of magazines including the parenting magazine Juno and Green Parent.