My book

Stories and insights for your pregnancy journey

If you are looking for a book to take you on a journey to prepare for birth, this is what you've been looking for. The pearls are the birth stories collected from mums (and dads) from my pregnancy yoga classes and birth preparation workshops.


The thread that holds them together is my writing on 15 years of teaching nearly 1000 women and what I've noticed helps the most in labour.


This book was gestating for three years so I'm very happy I can now introduce you to my newest arrival!


Full of real-life, positive birthing stories, resources, practices, reflections and tips.

While you're here...

I created the Pregnancy & Birth Colouring Book with Yoga Nidra a few years ago.


Each drawing is contained within a mandala and surrounded with affirmations.

It comes with access to two yoga nidra relaxations, specially crafted for pregnancy.


You can purchase the book from Amazon or direct from me in the UK, or individual pages from Etsy.