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to set you on the path of preparation

Your FREE resources to get you ready PHYSICALLY, emotionally and mentally...


These resources are a taster for what's waiting for you in the full online course.

Yoga nidra relaxation

15-minute track recorded live in class.

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Support for partners

9-page PDF of top tips from my birth preparation course that could make all the difference in labour.

Introduction to being physically ready

12 minute video introducing you to the missing piece in most antenatal classes: how to prepare physically for birth and use simple biomechanics to big effect.

You can find a 20-minute yoga sequence based on biomechanics for birth on my YouTube channel, plus lots of other useful videos. Please subscribe while you're there.

Two options if you want to know more

1) 2-hour Masterclass on Labour & Birth Positions

2) 4-hour Birth Preparation workshop, including hypnobirthing

Both available in person and as online course

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Masterclass on Labour & Birth Positions

With your birth partner, learn practical techniques to support


- how good posture is fundamental to your baby's optimal foetal position


- how you can tell from patterns in the contractions and where the intensity is felt most, what labour position or movement will help most


- how to encourage your baby to engage and navigate through the pelvis using simple biomechanics


- how to make maximum space for your baby to move through the perineum with less pressure and reduce the risk of tearing

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What people say about the Birth Prep workshop...

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Sophie Capo--Bianco

"I wanted to say how much Ben and I have enjoyed your online birth course; it truly is wonderful and so informative.

It has made me alter my birth plan slightly (in a good way) and given me more confidence to say what I really want rather than just leave all decisions to the medics and I want to thank you for giving me the courage to voice my true thoughts.

Emily Parkes.jpg

Emily Parkes

My husband and I would completely recommend Tessa's birth preparation resources. The short videos put all the information into bitesize chunks, making it easy for you to work through in manageable stages, as and when you have time, rather than being overloaded with new ideas and information.

All the practical tips and exercises are invaluable and are really helping to reassure and keep me feeling positive and calm about giving birth despite all the unknown during the current Coronavirus crisis."

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Kayleigh Walsh

After having a difficult birth experience with my first daughter I wanted to try something new that would benefit me and hopefully give me a better birth experience second time round.


Listening to the tracks, learning about birthing positions and understanding labour all really helped. The relaxing tracks and breathing techniques are very helpful.


I managed the birth with morphine, hypnobirthing, a tens machine and I used gas & air at the very end of labour. 


I followed many of Tessa's tips that are mentioned in the course and found it very helpful. 

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Get full access to my signature course right now. With all the techniques and practices that I know from teaching for 15+ years really, truly work.


Let me help you with everything you need in one place.

In addition to more yoga videos to be physically ready for birth, relaxation tracks (including hypnobirthing ones) to stay calm and let your body do what it needs to, and birth know-how videos (6 hrs worth) to have lots of practical tips and techniques on how to physically cope with labour, you will receive:

  • 3 mindfulness tracks

  • learn 5 key breathing techniques

  • pregnancy dance video

  • pelvic floor exercises

  • specialised tracks for pelvic pain, twins and breech babies

  • postnatal preparation

  • handouts on birth preferences, asking questions, affirmations, and a learning journal

  • access to a FB community of like-minded women

  • BONUS tracks with other birth and pregnancy professionals

All audio tracks are downloadable so you can store them on the device you want with you during labour.