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Your FREE pelvic floor support

Women often worry about their pelvic floors suffering as a result of labour. I've found over the years that pregnancy is a time when women connect with this part of their body and can have a BETTER connection post-birth.

Let's make that you too.

5-minute practice.

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THREE things you can do now to prepare for birth

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2. Buy my book Pearls of Wisdom: An Inner Journey with Stories, Insights and Practices full of positive, diverse birthing stories from women who used the techniques I teach

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3. Get access to all of the resources you'll need through my online course -see below.

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No regrets. No 'if onlys'...

Practice makes perfect.


Keep moving your body to stay comfortable and have the resilience for the physical challenge of labour.


Keep soothing your nervous system to deal with the stresses and anxieties of the pandemic through relaxations.


Keep in control by know what breathing techniques help you refocus and stay calm whatever happens.


Share practical birth know-how with your partner so that they can be your advocate for your preferences while navigating the maternity system.