Pelvic balance

A little homework to make a BIG difference to your labour

When you dare to think about birth, is it ultimately about how the baby is going to fit through your pelvis?


We think of the bony, rigid pelvis and wonder if this was such a good idea after all.


The thing is, there is actually movement in the pelvis that enables us to walk upright.


The pregnancy hormones make this movement even greater to allow the pelvic inlet and then the outlet to open during birth.


What is often ignored are all the tissues in and around the pelvis: muscles, ligaments, connective tissue...


Our physical history can have a big impact on our pelvic balance, for example, a sedentary lifestyle, accidents and injuries prior to pregnancy, high impact activities like horse riding, ballet or aerobics.


There are simple balancing techniques that can make a huge impact on creating space for your baby's position such as the Side Lying Release.


Watch the video for how to do it. You can practice it weekly in pregnancy and anytime in labour. And I mean anytime. Maybe they've said it's necessary to try forceps. Ask for ten minutes and do the SLR on both sides, through contractions.


It can be really helpful where you have pelvic pain, but start with the version onto the chair or stool. If you have hypermobility, please ask me to go through it with you in class so we can see if SLR's suitable for you.


There are other techniques to support balance such as the Forward Leaning Inversion, the Abdominal Tuck and Lift, 'shaking the apples' and more. You can find them on YouTube, but I would love to take you through them in my Masterclass so I can give you the proper context for using them.


You can also invest in seeing a chiropractor or osteopath who specialises in pregnancy and the Webster Technique, for an MOT or if your baby is breech or transverse, or you have pelvic pain or hearburn/reflux. Email me for recommendations.

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No regrets. No 'if onlys'...

I put together a Masterclass on Labour and Birth Positions, which goes into details of more pelvis-balancing positions AND movements to support your baby to move through your pelvis during labour and to protect your perineum as your baby crowns.

For a live Masterclass workshop, go to and scroll down the schedule for the next date.  If you don't see what you're looking for, email me.